Minecraft 1.8.1 Drops

Well Mojang's aquisition by Microsoft hasn't stopped the updates coming. 1.8.1 isn't a HUGE thing, but there are many bugfixes.

I wont repeat the release notes but I hadn't noticed many of the bugs other than visual glitches and the black particle effect that now no longer seem to trouble us.

No "new features" but I guess after the long-awaited 1.8 "Bountiful Release" there's still a lot of good stuff to be playing with while we wait.

P.S. Like my new minecraft icon? It's based on one I found on a page describing it as free (but then there are pages claining alien abductions are real and UKIP is a credible challenge at the general election) so if you think its your property and are bothered by me using it, please contact me and I'll draw my own. It looks like the stickers mojang sells....

Version 2 updated Nov. 25, 2014, 12:15 p.m.